Andy Graham Computer Services
113 S. 5th St Leavenworth,KS
Chargers, power supplies, memory, keyboard, mice, computer diagnostics and repair. Used and refurbished computer equipment and parts. Computer diagnostics, repair and recycling.
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Hak5 - Weekly video Excellent topics. High  quality video . Network hacking and security.
Mike Tech show - practical advice for pro and semi-pro  and hobbyist computer techs
 TWIRT - This Week in Radio Technology- Commercial radio tech pros.
 Off the Hook -The second most pre-empted show in the history of radio
 Podnutz Pro  sharing real world computer business experiences.
Network Security podcast
Computers2KNow...Live Sunday mornings 8am until whenever
PC Perspectives Wednesdays 9pm
Kim Komando commercial "call in" format show..only thing going on actual AM radio any more
PaulDotCom.Com Thursdays 5pn NSFW

Hansel Minutes - A model for good sounding p0dcasters.
The Cell Phone Junkie-  Top dogs  in cell phone tech talk.
This Week in Science  Dr Kiki (Kirsten Sanford) science news and analysis.
Revision 3 -lots of shows here you might like
Floss Weekly - Interviews and discussion about open source software
CNET - odds and ends about tech
Futures in Biotech- its about bio-tech. -super-geeky programmer and web developer talk
Tech 5 -  defunct
Ham Nation - Amateur radio Wednesdays 8pm
TWIT- roundtable with Leo Laporte. Sundays at 5pm
Bwana - good host, pleasant to listen to. Lots of MS bashing.

TWIT.TV is home of the Windows Weekly, This Week in Law (technology law) and Giz Wiz.  
This page lists some technology podcasts and videos
Here is the logo from the old show we used to do:
Andy Graham's Computer Beat Radio Show logo