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  Spyware removal, virus remediation. Is your computer running slowly?
Ask about the $29 computer check-up.
Computer repair and upgrades.

Call Andy Graham Computers 913-651-3408


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Fort Leavenworth computer repair
Malware removal (913)-651-3408

Andy Graham Computers
113 S. 5th
651-3408 call for appointment
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Andy Graham Computers
113 South 5th Street

  Leaving the Fort Leavenworth Front gate turn left
Go east two blocks to 5th Street and turn right.
Go 11 &1/2 blocks south (about 3/4 mile) to 113 South 5th.
Service center is on the left hand side of the street.

Andy Graham Computers is 1/2 block south of Leavenworth City Hall on the east side of the street.

Serving the Leavenworth area for 27 years
Select Add Now for online consultation other services.
We can remote into your computer and help you with computer problems.
Please call first for pricing and availability.
Priority service available !!!
Microsoft Certified
Master Level Network Technician
A+ Certified
FAST! Repairs upgrades .

Virus removal. Spyware removal.

Operator  (913)-684-4021 (DSN 552-1101)
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1-800-794-4780  1-888-482-4950
Westar  (electric service provider) 1-800-383-1183 (customer service)

1-800-544-4857 (power outages)
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Flying Club  (913)-651-6808 
Schools  (913)-651-7373 
Southwestern Bell new phone service 800-246-4999 
Southwestern Bell bills & disconnect 800-246-9494
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